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Dr. Chris Chianese

  • Chris and Lillee's care and love for each of their patients was clear from the first appointment. Their whole person approach is so refreshing and a new experience for me in my chiropractic care. I've made great progress in the short amount of time due to the precise treatment and following the post appointment homework exercises! I highly recommend YHN.

  • After taking a nasty spill practicing takedowns in jujitsu last year, I was diagnosed with a C5 C6 herniated disc; The pointer and thumb on my left hand were going numb and I was having shooting nerve pain on my bicep forearm. I went and saw My primary care physician who did an MRI and saw The wonderfully herniated disc and subsequent pinched nerve. I was referred to a neck "doctor" who of course went right to cortisone injections as well as surgery as options. After talking with Chris, you're reassured me it was nothing more than a classic C5 C6 herniated disc and could be corrected easily with knowledgeable chiropractic care- and time. Here I am almost a year later, no more nerve pain shooting down my bicep and forearm, I have complete feeling back in my pointer finger, and my thumb is almost back to normal. I want to say thank you so much to Chris for your guidance and care and not letting me jump on an unnecessary surgery!!!!

    - VINCENT B.
  • I've worked very closely with Dr. Chris & his team over the last several months and I've been thoroughly impressed with their focus on patient care. I appreciate their forward thinking approach to health & am looking forward to our continued time together.

    - JANESSA Y.
  • I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Chris and his team. What has stood out the most to me is how at every moment, his passion is for his patients' and their care and making positive impact on their lives and health. I've learned so much from our time together, and when I find special people I hold them close. They have my highest endorsement.

    - OREN P.
  • I have had a great experience with Your Health Now! They come to the office every week and I'm able to have an appointment on my lunch break. They helped me get ergonomic equipment for my desk so I wasn't in pain every day. The staff is friendly and the weekly adjustments have stopped my chronic back pain.

    - LEAH W.
  • Excellent services provided. Over time, I am amazed at the flexibility of my entire body after each visit. My back and neck no longer ache and my posture has improved since my first visit. The staff is warm, friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend this team.

    - O'NEIL A.
  • I have experienced a quality of chiropractic care with the Your Health Now team that is absolutley amazing. And they come right to me at my office! Professional, kind, convenient, and efficient. This is truly an elite practice that has made me healthier, happier, and really appreciate where I work.

    - CASSIE W.
  • Fantastic group. I've been going to a chiropractor since I was a baby, and I've never experienced care this comprehensive before. And they come right to my work, unbelievably convenient. Love you guys!

    - CALLIE Y.
  • As a doctor in the profession The YHN group is an elite practice that offers the highest quality of chiropractic care I have seen to date. The integrity and care within their on-site corporate chiropractic practice is evident to every employee. Any corporation that partners with them is fortunate to have this incredible benefit to their workforce!

    - LUKE S.
  • Your Health Now has well proved that high corporate health care costs are unnecessary and not a cost of doing business. They are a team of doctors who are among the best of the chiropractic profession. They are a people and company of great integrity. Their on-site practice provides an unparalleled convenience that delivers solid patient health outcomes. They have the solution to chronic pain in the workplace, and their goal is to increase the productivity of your employees. Their partner companies save significant amounts of money in health care costs as a result of their employees being so much healthier. All you have to do is request an appointment and their trained staff will do the rest. Highly recommend.

    - BRIAN S.
  • Very convenient, as they come right to my place of work. Wonderful people. I feel better after every adjustment!

    - SHEILLA K.
  • Your Health Now has taken great care of me since starting with them in Aug of this year. Their focus on full body health vs just cracking my back is what i truly needed.

  • Dr Mark/Your Health Now is the reason I can smile. He's been adjusting me almost 3 yrs. Didn't realize how much I hurt til I had regular weekly checkups. Now his maintenance & adjusting keep upright, moving, feeling great, & I'm able to be very active!I can't recommend this company enough. Just hire them already!

    - KATHY B.
  • Very thorough, friendly and professional. Dr. Lily is the one to see! She has helped me moves in ways i never thought possible. I'm grateful.

    - SUN N SAG
  • Professionalism at its highest standard. Dr. Lillee, Dr. Chris and Dr. Marc are an asset to their profession while keeping it personal with genuine concern and a warm, inviting manner. It doesn't get better than this!

    - BREACA J.
  • Your Health Now is such a breath of fresh air! I have never been around a team of doctors so dedicated to improving the quality of life of their patients as Dr. Chris, Dr. Marc and Dr. Lillee. Their comprehensive approach to care targets the root cause of dysfunction vs. simply treating symptoms and pain. I have been under chiropractic care my entire adult life and have never experienced results in improved movement and pain-free living as I have in the last few years under their care. What a blessing! Thank you YHN!

    - DAN S.
  • I have been to many doctors in the last few years, and was very blessed to have found YHN. My pain was so debilitating that I was concerned I wouldn't be able to work and take care of my family. Your Health Now gave me my life back, and helped me when many other doctors could not. Today, I am healthier and live in little to no pain. They are a kind and caring group that have a superior skillset you can trust. I highly recommend YHN for all your health needs.

    - 2012DIJ
  • Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!

    - TINA D.
  • If your looking for the highest quality and compassion in achieving your health goals, Dr. Chianese is the man to see! Very thorough, friendly and professional and gets the results you want. He has helped my family and I tremendously and we go to him for all our health concerns and goals!

    - ASHLEY L.
  • There should at least be 10 stars here for Dr. Marc!! He has been working with our 4 year old son for a couple of months now. You know when a 4 year old is waiting by the door for Dr. Marc, he's doing something right :-) His "table side" manner is amazing. He is able to engage all ages, is a great listener, is very gifted and knowledgeable, and yet is able to explain what he's doing on a down-to-earth, understandable way. We are so thankful for Dr. Marc's care, and that he is helping our son best function to reach his maximum potential ! We highly recommend Your Health Now!

  • Chris is very adamant and knowledgeable in addressing not just pain, but the root causes of pain. In the months he has been treating me, he has provided me with personal care you typically don't find in other doctors. My condition has slowly improved and I'm now hopeful that I'll be able to do more of the activities I used to engage in when I was younger, without having to take pain killers before and after! Thank you Chris for using your gift to improve my quality of life and others I know as well.

    - Mark B.
  • I've been to many chiropractors over the past 15+ years, but this is the first time I've ever had long-lasting relief and back health. It's truly been a game changer.

    - JAIME B.
  • Dr. Lillee has provided Chiropractic care for myself and my family several times and each time we have been extremely happy with the results!

    - TAMMY T-Y.

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