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Module 6

Certification in Patient-Specific Chiropractic
"Where There Are Processes, But No Protocols"



Overview: To provide information that connects the patient-specific chiropractor with superior patient care and solid financial stability. Specifically, to give the skillset necessary to communicate function in the way a patient understands, show the patient dysfunction versus health, and develop patient education to produce life-long visits. To outline successful visit types, position value of your services consistently, and gain patients that have a real understanding of health. Slide show presentation, case studies, interactive assessments and class practice time will be used.

What You Can Expect to Learn: 

  1. How to identify the specific way that a patient receives information during the initial visit and ‘Speak Their Language’ accordingly. Identify which of the 4 types of persons that you are and learn how to communicate with each in the way that makes them welcome, comfortable, happy, and safe. 
  2. Guiding the patient to identify their core motivations during case history and utilizing them as a continual topic and reminder. Connecting logistical concerns (ie: pain) to emotional ones (ie: limited ADL’s), listening, and asking the right questions. Positioning and re-positioning the value of your services. 
  3. Properly working the patient forward on the health continuum, having patients that aren’t coming for pain but because they know your care is good for them. Patient understanding of function, that the HEALTHIER they are, the less problems they will have. Mitigating the 3 primary reasons that a doctor loses patients. 
  4. How we are motivating the patient to spend their time, efforts, and money with us as part of their routine of healthful practices. Functional evaluation is not only giving critical information and directing care, but SHOWING the patient pre/post visit and at re-evals their dysfunction, functional progression, and health gains. 
  5. Case history, NPO, and Examination bullet points including timing, value positioning, concise content and delivery, and communication of function. Application during Initial visits versus regular visits. Internal marketing strategies visit to visit and re-eval to re-eval. 
  6. Review, availability for any and all questions pertaining to any of the 6 Modules, and Certification Exam for those that are eligible.

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