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Health Talks

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When your employees neglect their health, your company suffers. Your Health Now LLC's health and wellness speaker will visit your workplace monthly to deliver an hour-long talk on the health topic of your choice. We recommend crowdsourcing a topic from your employees to ensure it addresses their needs. Company-wide digital Health & Wellness education is also provided, cultivating an Employer community of health and convenience.

3 Benefits Of Hosting A Doctor

Looking for a way to create a better work environment in your organization? Your Health Now offers health talks to businesses in Princeton, Ewing Township, NJ and all surrounding areas including Pennsylvania. Listening to a wellness professional can improve:

1. Productivity: Performance improves when employees are present and engaged, rather than home sick or slowed by illness.

2. Motivation: Wellness talks empower workers to take their health seriously and make active, health-conscious choices.

3. Morale: Workplace positivity improves when workers are happy and healthy.

*All YHN Health Talks are given by our doctors who specialize in workplace health.

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