Module 5

Certification in Patient-Specific Chiropractic
"Where There Are Processes, But No Protocols"



Overview: To provide updated, researched, and clinically oriented discussion and demonstration of the patient functional progression from suboptimal to optimal health. Specifically, to understand how to continually show and uncover further dysfunction that must be addressed after each time you meet a subjective and/or objective outcome marker. To ensure that patient education continues to properly solidify in order to have life-long patient frequencies and in-house referrals. To have skills and understanding needed to make an exam that fits you and your business. To identify and address the deepest level of those lifestyle aspects that are most contributing to each patient subluxating specifically. Slide show presentation, case studies, interactive assessments and class practice time will be used.

What You Can Expect to Learn: 

  1. Important principles for dealing with varying degrees of patience compliance. Meeting the patient where they’re at and working them forward on the health continuum according to commitment level and availability. 
  2. How to work the patient forward in pieces toward a full functional evaluation utilizing each visit and re-eval to SHOW (not just tell) the patient their dysfunction, increased function, health progression, and need for your services. 
  3. Review of Movement Screen, Functional Neurology Screen (FNS), maximizing the chiropractic adjustment, and overall treatment principles and processes as they relate to patient flow and internal marketing. 
  4. Build a functional exam outline that is personally appropriate according to base evaluation, markers that fit best for specific patient demographics, and simple electronic documentation for a comprehensive yet concise patient-specific evaluation. 
  5. General movement and neuroanatomy principles that provide the ability to give home and lifestyle prescriptions that will contribute to health promotion and reaching the patient’s core goals, not pathogenic avoidance. How to avoid clinical tendencies toward an algorithmic ‘1 size fits all approach’ which makes us more similar than different to the status quo commonly found in the other healthcare professions. 
  6. Lifestyle prescriptions in regards to movement, exercise, lost curve concerns, regional and overall health, nutrition, and social/community specifically tailored to the need and health promotion of each patient.

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