Certification in Patient-Specific Chiropractic
"Where There Are Processes, But No Protocols"

MODULE 1 - General Functional Analysis
(Functional Movement & Neurology)
*CPSC Certification Exam [For Those That Are Eligible]

To provide updated, researched, and clinically oriented discussion and demonstration of functional evaluation of the chiropractic patient. Specifically, understanding how to identify and correct dysfunction in concise screening and analysis specific to each patient’s presentation. A salutogenic perspective is introduced that utilizes objective markers to direct intelligent clinical investigation and show patients the abnormal kinematics, neurological deficiency, and biomechanical imbalances that are the root cause of their decreased health. Slide show presentation, case studies, interactive assessments and class practice time will be used.

What You Can Expect to Learn:
1. ‘Micro’ Assessment principles and application to help identify the root CAUSE of a patient’s suboptimal health presentation.
2. The fundamental principles that lead to a concise yet comprehensive understanding of patient-specific functional deficiencies that are utilized to direct clinical care, track patient progression, and quantify patient HEALTH.
3. How to utilize quantity and quality of movement as a new investigative means to decipher between joint, motor control, and/or tissue consequence as the primary cause(s) of functional deficiency.
4. Introduction to neuroplastic change as a consequence of subluxation and how to identify these problems utilizing both functional movement and functional neurological analysis.
5. Introduction to Movement Screen, how it is connected to subluxation, and how it is utilized clinically at each visit, re-eval, and as a critical tool to position and re-position the value of your services.
6. Functional Neurological Screen (FNS) as it relates to postural analysis, the cervical lordosis, the autonomic nervous system, vision, balance, and coordination. How FNS is also utilized clinically at each visit, re-eval, and as your second critical tool to position and re-position the value of your services.
7. The large financial difference between patient-specific functional HEALTH care and the status quo of symptom-based pain care.

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