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One Chiropractic Adjustment BOOSTS Your Immune System up to 200%, Making Your Workforce Much Less Vulnerable to Illness

The Annual Breakdown
Employers spend more on musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) than on any other condition or chronic disease. Direct and Indirect costs to the Employer total approximately $100 billion/year. The majority of these costs are preventable.

ProblemCost to EmployerSavings with YHN
Workers Compensation$8,650/ Lowest Claim↓88% in Total Direct Costs
Presenteeism (~Productivity)
$1,359/ Employee
$1,685/ Employee
↓73% Respectively
Opioids Usage
$1,030/ Employee↓85%
Hospital Admissions$4,679/ Employee↓60%
Employee Engagement
& Retention
$9,828/ Employee
(21% of Salary)
↑93% Engagement
↓61% Turn Over Rate
Offsite Provider MSD Costs$7,800/ Employee↓63%

*Sources: See Research Tab

The YHN Difference

   ZERO COST to the Employer (Delivering Partners a ~65% ROI)
   ZERO LIABILITY to the Employer (Compared to High Risk Medical Visits, Drugs & Procedures)
   ZERO WORK for the Employer (We Take Care of All Administration of Services)
   COMPLIMENTARY Initial Site Survey & Report
   ONLY Provide Safe, Natural, Drug-Free, & Surgery-Free HEALTH care
   SALUTOGENIC Purpose & Approach (Make Employees Healthier/Happier, Not Just Less Sick)
   KEEP Referrals for Extensive/Expensive Medical Costs on an As-Needed Basis
   NO NEED of On Site Dedicated Space or Expansion
   HIGH QUALITY Health Care with Quality Over Quantity Focus
  ENHANCE Employee Engagement with All Other Employer Health Initiatives
   ALL INTERNAL MARKETING of Services Provided & Supported
   LOWEST Outlay of Employee Service Costs (~↓50%) Compared to Off-Site Providers
   ALL REAL Face to Face Care (No ‘Virtual’ Engagement)

Massive medical onsite clinics are costly and complicated providing ROI to only the nation's largest companies.

YHN provides a simple yet comprehensive health care solution delivering the highest Employer ROI of $6-1 to every other corporation who does not benefit from having a small hospital on their campus.

For those with existing onsite clinics, our services make for an excellent addition to all other health initiatives.


How It Works

1. Complimentary Site Survey & Report2. Debut & Implement3. Progress Reports
We first schedule a time for your on site employee survey & a meeting time to go over your report the following week. Both are complimentary. A workforce health score with data analysis and specific recommendations are provided. If our services are not suggested, appropriate direction is given.If there  are identified needs that our services can help, we then schedule a presentation where we first  explain and offer our services to the employees. All marketing materials for employee awareness are provided. Company-wide digital Health & Wellness education begins.Data collection  & documentation for all health improvements include overall workforce health score, HIPAA-compliant employee health scores & satisfaction, utilization rates, and company financial savings are released to the designated company professional on a quarterly basis.

*Our services are also available to the families of your employees according to Employer desire and stipulation.

Employee Benefits News Reports:

"By adding chiropractic care, employers will strengthen the opportunity for cost savings, improved outcomes, greater worker productivity, and stronger employee retention"


Complimentary Consultation On How We Help Your Workforce Become Healthier, Stronger, and More Secure Than Ever Before!

Complimentary Consultation On How We Help Your Workforce Become Healthier, Stronger, and More Secure Than Ever Before!

Stop chronic pain in your workplace

Our on-site Doctors focus on locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignments) in people of all ages and backgrounds. The concern is that subluxation in the spine affects the nerves that control every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. If this nerve interference is left uncorrected, then body function (health) is altered, and symptoms, pain, or disease may develop.

Most people we meet are not completely happy with their level of health. Many are suffering from symptoms of stress such as aches and pain, arthritis, loss of mobility, digestive problems, headaches, sleeping problems, irritability or moodiness. When our spines are cared for throughout our lifetimes, the effects of the subluxations are minimized, and our bodies can function at their healthy best. We love helping people naturally regain and maintain optimal health.