Get Your CME Certification Today!

Tired of your employees missing a whole day of work (or more) to get their CME Certification? Tired of draining management's time and resources staying on top of employees to get their Cert done? Tired of your employees waiting in an express care waiting room for 3 hours, for a 15-minute exam? Tired of being concerned with delays leading to expired certifications, invalidating your employees' licenses? Tired of the headache for you and inconvenience for them?

We Provide Your Solution:

We offer CME Certs for the DOT On-Site at Your Worksite for all Commercial Vehicle drivers (truck drivers, bus drivers, etc.) and fitness-for-duty employee physical exams (firefighters, police, power line workers, crane operators, and more).

We also provide timely DOT Physicals in our office locations.

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