Q. We already offer other wellness programs, how would Chiropractic care fit in?

A. Many companies provide wellness services like massage, weight loss, or fitness. Chiropractic care is separate and distinct from all other services and would enhance the engagement and effectiveness of any other programs you offer.

Q. So there's no cost to the company?

A. That's right, there is no cost to the company. Employees pay us an affordable monthly fee for their care, and it's about 50% less than a private practice doctor visit. Many use flexible spending or health savings accounts to pay for care. Some companies use wellness dollars to subsidize their employees' care, but this is optional.

Q. Why Chiropractic?

A. Our on-site Doctors focus on locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignments) in people of all ages and backgrounds. The concern is that subluxation in the spine affects the nerves that control every cell, tissue and organ in the body. If this nerve interference is left uncorrected, then body function (health) is altered, and symptoms, pain, or disease may develop.

Most people we meet are not completely happy with their level of health. Many are suffering with symptoms of stress such as aches and pain, arthritis, loss of mobility, digestive problems, headaches, sleeping problems, irritability or moodiness. When our spines are cared for throughout our lifetimes, the effects of the subluxations are minimized, and our bodies are able to function at their healthy best. We love helping people naturally and safely regain and maintain optimal health.

Q. We are busy with other HR activities. How does the program get promoted?

A. Our system is very turn-key and requires minimal HR involvement. Usually we have you do some initial promotion to get the word out (e-mail, signs, flyers, handouts, lunch and learns) - and we have all of this already designed for you. Word of mouth helps the engagement grow organically over time.

Q. How much space do you need?

A. A small office or conference room is great (10' x 10' works well). And it's nice if it's the same room on a regular basis. It doesn't need to be a dedicated Chiropractic only space - we bring in a portable adjusting table and our laptop each week - so we don't leave anything behind when we leave.

Q. How long do the adjustments take?

A. Chiropractic visits take only a few moments, so employees are not away from their work station very long at all. We usually say 5 minutes or less. By being on-site and so convenient, employees can even stop in during their lunchtime or break, so they don't miss any work.

Q. How often will you be here?

A. Each company is different, and this is customized to meet your needs. Ideally, we are on-site each week. Depending on the size of the company it may be for an hour or two, or for a whole morning or afternoon shift. Some companies may have us more often or at different locations to be able to care for different shifts. We are happy to be available and convenient for your employees.

Q. How often does somebody need to be adjusted?

A. The doctor's recommendations for care (frequency of visits) are based on each individual's health history, current level of health, health goals, etc. Most employees benefit from being checked by the Chiropractor and adjusted if necessary on a weekly basis.

Q. Do you take insurance?

A. We do not. Insurance plans usually only pay for sickness and acute treatment. They do not cover ongoing Chiropractic wellness care. Our fees are a reflection of our philosophy and commitment to long-term health and wellness rather than short-term crisis care. Because we charge less than most insurance copays, your employees can receive the care they need and want without the high costs and insurance constraints.

Q. What about company liability?

A. Our Chiropractors carry professional liability insurance that fully covers them at any location. (Thankfully, our premiums are extremely low because of the known safety and minimal risks involved with our care). If requested, we will add your company on as an additional insured and provide copies of this coverage to you as well. Additionally, our business liability insurance protects employees on their way to and from the appointments. When employees start care with us, they sign an agreement that the doctor-patient relationship is between them and the doctor, and they willingly choose to accept care on their own accord. They agree that they will hold harmless the employer and its shareholders, officers, directors and employees from and against any and all costs, damages, liabilities or claims arising from their chiropractic care. Also, we do not accept worker's compensations cases from employees (our care is more wellness based anyway), so there is no risk at all to the company for having us onsite.

Q. What other wellness services do you offer?

A. Chiropractors are experts in health and wellness, so we love to do health and benefits fairs, screenings, ergonomic assessments, fitness and nutrition education, and information sessions on current health topics. We also utilize weekly handouts for patients to provide ongoing health information and coaching. The regular one-on-one contact with the Chiropractor supports the wellness efforts you are already doing.