Did you know that over 87% of health problems are caused by our habitual behaviors? Since we spend most of our waking hours at work, our work habits cause most of our health issues. Your Health Now LLC can help you form better daily habits at work by performing an ergonomic assessment and providing superior campus-specific solutions.

What you'll learn from an ergonomic assessment

Before the team at Your Health Now can help you make new habits for better workplace health, we need to find out what your current ones are. Our ergonomic assessment will determine:

How your computer is positioned

Where your keyboard is located

How high your desk is

What type of chair you use

How you interact with your environment

What recurring body patterns you have adapted

*All YHN ergonomic evaluations and solutions are determined by our doctors who specialize in workplace health.

*Our ergonomic services are complimentary for our partner companies. These services are also offered to non-partner companies at a fee.