Why We Are Here

Employees' health conditions have extensive direct and indirect costs that crush the company's bottom line. Over 87% of all healthcare costs are for preventable issues. Businesses are losing over $153 Billion dollars in productivity, annually, to absenteeism alone. When presenteeism is included in this, that number more than doubles; presenteeism being the ability to come to work but function with decreased production, quality, and produce less volume of work. Overall healthcare in the US has exceeded $1 Trillion dollars annually and American businesses are shouldering over half of this cost, about 55%! 70% of those costs are directly for issues that are self-inflicted lifestyle behaviors. Add to this the fact that employers' health care premiums have risen at least 113% in the past decade alone, and there is a vivid, preventable problem with a solution. Employee health conditions are largely preventable, and no longer a cost of doing business

Who We Are

Your Health Now LLC is a group of Doctors that specialize in Workforce Health Consulting and Optimization. Our services provide our partner companies with a $6-1 ROI in preventable health care costs.

The productivity and success of a company is directly related to the quality and quantity of work that is done by it's employees. When it comes to true employee health & wellness, success is directly related to Your Health Now LLC. This is the future for corporate health initiatives, now is the time to start.

Our Mission

The YHN Group exists to provide every corporation with significant savings in healthcare costs by coming on-site to the workplace delivering the highest quality, most convenient, and most affordable health care, sustained in biblically-based integrity.